At Traxtion, we value people as a very important component in the success of our company and the rail industry as a whole. As a result, we invest substantial resources for the continuous improvement of our people and those in the businesses we service.

Our people

Our people are our greatest asset. We link, we collaborate, we co-operate in the pursuit of excellence.


Traxtion has a unique culture. One that is inclusive and diverse and is underpinned by strong values and creativity. It is an environment designed to enable people to thrive. Those who succeed at Traxtion possess a passion for world-class practices, and a sense of shared purpose.


Our DNA is about laying tracks for success and encompasses strong elements. These elements define the characteristics of every Traxtion employee but are also the basis on which we operate our business. As a business, we are SAFE, ACCOUNTABLE, and DYNAMIC. We display EXCELLENCE in our operations and RESPECT for each other and our customers is paramount.

  • Safe
    We come home to our families every single day
  • Accountable
    We take ownership of what we do
  • Dynamic
    Our can-do attitude makes us adaptable to the ever evolving world
  • Excellence
    Commitment to quality is what makes us who we are
  • Respect
    We represent a great diverse brand that embraces a multitude of cultures

with Traxtion

We employ people from a diversity of backgrounds and cater for various professions. Through constant innovation and meaningful partnerships with our customers, we are driving the future of rail in Africa.


We firmly believe in the power of human capital and we continue to invest in the development of rail industry skill sets for the next generation. In keeping with our commitment to quality, our trade test officers are fully accredited by the National Moderating Body. Our training centre also runs train driver, locomotive operator, train driver assistant, shunter and shedman training as well as refresher courses.

Train Operations Training

Our one stop training centre provides novice, refresher, conversion, theoretical, practical and on-the-job training for:

  • Train Drivers
  • Driver Assistants
  • Shunters
  • Production Co-Ordinators
  • Shedman
  • Shed Assistants

All training is conducted by highly experienced trainers who are also registered assessors and moderators and accredited training providers.

Technical Training

We offer technical training relating to:

  • Diesel electrical fitting
  • Apprentice training
  • Trade test readiness
  • Trade testing

Additionally, we offer D/E fitter artisan continuous technical development, electrical schematics novice and refresher courses. We also provide brake novice and refresher training for the following 28LV, 28LAV-1, 26L, KBR DVIII, CCBII, Afro 4000 UIC, UM10B, 5E and vacuum brakes for wagons and hoppers.

To cater for the needs of our organisation and the needs of the industry, we have equipped the training centre to present awareness training in the following:

  • Dangerous goods by rail
  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Hazardous chemicals by rail
  • Human factors
  • ISO 9001-2015

Our world class rail school is recognised for providing high quality, technical skills to those in the rail industry. We provide trainees with a combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, ensuring that they are fully competent and qualified.

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