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Traxtion Wins At Awards

Nnoni Mokgethi, Traxtion’s Brand, Communications and Marketing Manager, and Morris Kgama, Business Development Manager at Traxtion, celebrate one of their awards at the annual Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards held in Johannesburg this week.Traxtion, the largest...

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All stations go for new Angola rail link

Angola port to provide new outlet to the sea for miners amid plans to develop a rail network to Zambia’s Copperbelt Copper and cobalt miners from the resource-rich Katanga province in southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will soon have another outlet to the sea...

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Always be aware of surroundings, and obey signals

“Never attempt to cross a railway line until you’ve checked both ways. The cost of not doing so is too high, with severe consequences, including death and injury.” This was the plea of the South African deputy minister of Transport, Lisa Mangcu, on International Level...

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The Case For In-Cab Signalling On Railroads In Africa

Railway practitioners James Holley (Traxtion CEO) and Roelf C Alberts (Gear Rail SA CEO) make the argument for the speedy implementation of in-cab signalling on Africa’s railroads. On rail lines across the world, a 270-year-old system is being replaced by a simple...

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Railway crossing deaths caused by not obeying signs

The eight deaths at level crossings recorded by the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) in its 2021/22 report were often caused by motorists and pedestrians disregarding level crossing regulations. This is according to the regulator's spokesperson Madelein Williams. The...

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