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1 February 2021, Johannesburg – Traxtion Group and Société des Nationale Chemin de Fer du Sénégal (SN-CFS) concluded the virtual handover ceremony of three locomotives.

Société des Nationale Chemin de Fer du Sénégal (SN-CFS) and the Traxtion Group have entered into a two-year contract for the supply of six locomotives under Full Lease and Maintenance.


Following a lengthy absence of service, the SN-CFS and the Senegal Government have spent substantial funds to repair bridges and upgrade sections of the meter gauge (1,000mm) Dakar – Bamako railway system. The rehabilitation of the network will support the growing mining sector within the region.

The overall contract is staged in two parts, whereby, Traxtion will be supplying a total of five fully refurbished mainline diesel locomotives and one shunting loco. Structured as a full maintenance lease agreement with onsite maintenance carried out at the SN-CFS workshop. Driver training and skills transfer is a substantial aspect of the contract.

“Driver training and skills transfer are seen as critical components to ensure the continuation of our efforts to restore the railways, and we are grateful to have this capacity building for our railways as part of the service agreement with Traxtion,” said Kibily Touré, General Manager of Société des Nationale Chemin de Fer du Sénégal.

Due to the pandemic, the handover was officiated virtually between the parties. R&H Rail, acted as independent quality inspectors on behalf of the SN-CFS team, who were unable to travel to the Rosslyn Rail Services Hub in Pretoria.

Cor Botha, Director Engineering at R&H Rail (Pty) Ltd noted that, “As a result of the Pandemic and travel restrictions, R&H Rail acted on behalf of SN-CFS, to ensure that the refurbished rolling stock meets with contractual requirements. Three locomotives, GL26MC, 2000 Horsepower, air and vacuum brake compatible, were inspected, and are in excellent condition. As the SN-CFS operates on a different gauge to South Africa, some elements of the inspection will only be concluded once the rolling stock reaches Senegal.”

The Traxtion Group, well known throughout the African region as the largest private rail operator, has extensive experience in the refurbishment, maintenance and full lease of rolling stock, in addition to offering a comprehensive range of value-added services including accredited driver training.

“The Traxtion team is immensely proud of this contract and the opportunity to work with the SN-CFS. We look forward to actively supporting the revitalisation of Senegal’s railways and continuing our established working relationship with Kibily Touré and his excellent team at SN-CFS. This is a two-year contract with the option to extend and I am confident that SN-CFS will see the value in our offering and continuing for the extended period,” said James Holley, CEO, Traxtion Group.

“We are looking forward to seeing these locomotives run on our lines and restoring our operational capacity. Congratulations Senegal, congratulations South Africa,” concluded Kibily Touré.