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By Nnoni Mokgethi

The world statistics on Gender Based Violence (GBV) indicate that it is growing at a shocking rate. Every day, women of all ages are losing their lives at the hands of men who are meant to protect them. The statistics, published by the World Health Organisation, show that 1 in 3 (35%) women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner or non-partner. South Africa is amongst the countries that continuously report disturbing and growing numbers of GBV.

Traxtion’s first GBV campaign was launched on 01 December 2020 and ran for 16 days. It effectively communicated Traxtion’s condemnation of GBV while raising awareness about the impact.

Posters carrying messaging were distributed to all our sites. Employees with access to emails received this messaging electronically. The posters were also put on the notice boards and the content of the posters was shared during the weekly talk topics.

To communicate our position externally, messaging was shared in poster and text format on LinkedIn and Instagram. Building on that, a thought leader video featuring our Commercial Director Wes Kruger, was also shared internally and on our social media pages.

To encourage employees to reflect on the effects of GBV, the Red Paint GBV Campaign was launched across all sites. Members of staff were given access to red paint and a mirror. They were encouraged to take a moment every day to look into the mirror and use the red paint in a way that symbolised the blood spilt as a result of GBV.

In 2021, we will once more embark on this campaign to continue encouraging our employees to treat all women with dignity and respect. We will send a clear message that there is never an excuse for laying a hand on a woman.