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James Holley, CEO of Africa’s largest private rail freight operator Traxtion, says his company is “extremely committed” to third-party access to unlock the freight potential in South Africa.

Traxtion submitted, and was awarded, a bid for Transnet’s Cape Corridor’s Kroonstad to East London slot.

Traxtion will be required to complete the rest of the application process, which entails fulfilling the Rail Safety Regulator requirements and assessing whether it is feasible to join the Transnet Bargaining Council and other operational readiness requirements. Upon successful completion of the second stage of the evaluation process, Traxtion will enter into final negotiations and commence operations on the route in the new financial year 2023/24.

“There is a way to go before this becomes a reality but in principle we are looking forward to working with Transnet to achieve the goal of true private third-party access to the rail freight network,” Holley says.