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Traxtion Believes the Future of Rail Is Women

In South Africa, the rail and transport sector has historically been dominated by men. A survey from Stats South Africa reveals a stark figure: 83.3% of the transport workforce is male. Yet, Traxtion, an independent rail operator that recently hired its first qualifying female artisan, is adamant that the future face of rail should prominently feature women.

On 24th August, Traxtion, in collaboration with suppliers and regulatory bodies to the railway sector, welcomed Grade 9 students from local schools to their Rail Services Hub in Rosslyn. This initiative was designed to offer these students a firsthand experience of the rail and transport sectors. The overarching goal is to raise awareness and kindle interest among women, with the aim of increasing female participation in these traditionally male-dominated fields.

South Africa stands at the threshold of a significant transformation, with its rail industry set to open widely. This shift promises to create thousands of job opportunities. In the private sector, there’s an immediate demand for a range of skills to bridge the current knowledge and participation gap. Through endeavours like this one, the industry hopes that a significant number of these new roles will be filled by capable and skilled women.

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