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Traxtion Celebrates Exponential Employees

At Traxtion a commitment to quality is what makes us who we are.

On Thursday, 4 May 2023, at our inaugural Traxtion Excellence Awards ceremony, we celebrated our employees who, through embracing our culture of excellence, have demonstrated exceptional performance in the company.

The ceremony brought together employees, industry stalwarts, budding artisans and Traxtion Apprentice Program alumni who all play a role in fueling the possibilities of our business and pioneering a new rail era. This included our long service employees who celebrate 10, 15 and 20 years at Traxtion.

As a company that is passionate about upskilling its communities, we also recognised our employees who completed 1+ years (Diplomas, Degrees, etc.) of Traxtion funded studies in 2022 and our newly qualified artisans, Marco Scriven and Nduvho Phophi who completed our apprentice programme last year.

The biggest winners of the day were:

  • The CEO Award: Steve Erasmus

This award recognises the individual with the most exemplary display of Traxtion DNA, exceptional contributions towards the exponential growth of the company, outstanding service to the Traxtion community and/or visitors and special efforts in promoting workplace diversity.

  • The Safety Award: Virginia

This award recognises the contributions that the site made in fostering a culture of safety in the workplace.

  • The Quality Award: Virginia

This award recognises the site that walked the extra mile in making sure that quality targets are achieved but also consistently delivered on and exceeded the customer promised service levels.

  • The Apprentice Award: Nduvho Phophi

This is awarded to the standout graduating apprentice after the rigorous three-year apprentice program.

  • The Honorary Award: Lionel Ritson

This is achieved for 50 Years of Service to the Rail Industry.

We would like to congratulate the Traxtion Excellence Awards awardees of the 2022 period and encourage all our people to Be Exponential.