Traxtion News

Third Party Access Unlocked for Traxtion

James Holley, CEO of Africa’s largest private rail freight operator Traxtion, says his company is “extremely committed” to third-party access to unlock the freight potential in South Africa. Traxtion submitted, and was awarded, a bid for Transnet’s Cape Corridor's...

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Building the Next Generation of Rail Professionals

Traxtion, Africa’s largest private rail freight company, is committed to lead the way in providing training in scarce skills to progress the local rail industry. Upskilling the next generation of rail professionals is vital to Traxtion’s values and investments into...

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Traxtion’s 35 Years of Freight Rail Excellence

From a battered toolbox to a multinational force – that’s the short story behind Traxtion’s 35 years in the rail freight industry in Africa. It all started in 1987 when General Motors EMD decided to close its locomotive production and assembly facility in Port...

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