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Private locomotive and rail operator Traxtion Sheltam and Austria-based railservices company Railway Material and Resources (RMR) have signed an agreement to create a joint venture (JV) called RMR Africa, that will distribute rail parts across the African continent.

The JV brings together two established players in the rail industry.

Traxtion has been providing rail services and solutionsacross Africa for 30 years. Its newly developed Rosslyn facility, where RMR Africa will be based, will soon offer a maintenance and rail services hub for fleets across the continent.

RMR is a globally recognised supplier of rail transportation parts, services and project support.

“RMR Africa is in a prime position to leverage off of RMR’s international supplier network and Traxtion Sheltam’s 30 years of experience and understanding of the regional and local rail industry. In addition to this, Traxtion’s Rail serviceshub in Rosslyn will be the ideal home base for RMR Africa,” said Traxtion CEO James Holley.